Friday, January 2, 2009

The Truck Bed Platform

On NYE 2008 Rob & I started brainstorming the million ways we could put a platform in the back of my truck. And Rob does have a million ideas. The theory behind it is that the platform will act as a security feature, you won't be able to see anything in the back of my truck & if I want I can also sleep on top of it. The considerations on how to build it had to do with how many pieces, how to support weight & how to save enough room so that my surfboards can still go in diagonally under the platform bed which makes the support thing a little more tricky. Plus I wanted this to be easily removable & not a permanent fixture. I could not have done this without Rob's help. He has the tools necessary - skill saw & circular saw plus some other power tools needed - and he's creative with building & this project took a little creativity. After 2 days, a few design changes, couple of splinters & a couple of trips to Home depot, we have it finished. The only thing left for me to do is paint it black. The platform was built with 4 removable pieces of ply wood & a support cross bar underneath. And at the end we ended up adding doors so that it was a complete box. It came out pretty good.
If interested, you can see the platform photos in my gallery -

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