Saturday, February 7, 2009

buenas ondas

Well I guess it has been a little while since I have updated the bloggio. Im just not good at it. We are relaxing in the 95 degree heat at barra de la cruz waiting for waves. This trip has been like the Fuel Tv show Drive thru, a lot of driving and searching and definitely some headaches and some mood swings depending on how hungry everyone is combined with how lost we are. So it has been sort of nice to just chill in barra de la cruz with no waves, though I would rather have waves. But it has been nice to swing in the hammock and really slow down. We are constantly meeting people which is always interesting. Our new guy we have meet and been hanging out with is a guy named Ron, he is from Canada. He basically looks like einstein, crazy unbrushed gray hair and he acts like larry david with really dry sarcasm all the time and you never know when to believe what he is saying. He is constantly messing with us about waves and forecasts and anything. He makes these sculptors out of copper so he sits around talking about days that the waves were good while he is welding this cyclest that he is current making. He spends half the year selling this art in the states and the other half relaxing in mexico, not a bad life. Ron is staying at the same cabañas we are and we have been the only ones there for the past few days until today. Pepe is the manager of the place but ron acts like the manager, he shows everyone their room and even takes their money because pepe is always out doing some work. What{s been funny is that since there has been no surf, I have been exercising a lot...well most of the trip I have been. So everyone else feels lazy watching me and they end up wanting to exercise too. So I have been assigning activities to everyone, including ron. Ron and Ricardo jumped rope for 20 mins yesterday which was really funny. What happens is I wake up and run to the break and if it is flat I extend my run and then come back to the place and do some other stuff. When I get back they all are just waking up and see that I have been exercising and know the waves are flat so they figure they should do something too. So when I am done ricardo is first, he puts on my shoes and does a run or sprints. We all do pushups and situps, even fish is joining a little which exercise is not his thing but nobody wants to feel lazy. Ron says we are the first people to ever exercise there, other than surf. Since we wanted some exercise Pepe took us with him and his cousin on a little hike where they got us coconuts from the tree. Pepe had the machete and he cut those things like butter, perfect crisp cuts and had a perfect drinking hole within seconds. It was pretty cool to watch his skills. We all had to chug our own entire coconut. It was actually really good, me and my new aussie buddy were way slower at chugging this thing but we managed. He said he had to think like it was beer to get it all down and I was just hopefull that it might help with my kidney stones. I guess I forgot to mention that I have been having kidney stone issues still so they thought maybe coconut would help. Anyways in return for the coconuts and just because we wanted to help out, we all dragged these huge 15 foot palapa branches back to the cabañas for pepe to put up more shade. So we took a few trips, it was pretty hard work actually but it was nice to do something nice for pepe because he has been really nice to us. Crazy ron also had a remedy from the local curandero from his kidney stone incident last year so we have been making this natural tea remedy and I Have been chugging it like nobodys business. Ron swears by this natural remedy so I am giving it a go. Hopefully it will dissolve my stone like he said it did to him. Sorry this is so long, I guess this is why I need to type more often. We spent a few days in Puerto escondido which is a chill little surf town with a heaving wave similar to newport....not really my favorite kind of surf. We met some people there too, hung out with this german girl Aña 2 days and celebrated her birthday with her and her friends. She is a doctor in the bronx trying to open a practice in puerto soon, it was nice to at least interact with a girl since all we have seen is guys 99% of the time. Today some more people showed up in barra de la cruz at our cabañas, I took everyone to the beach with people standing on the outside of the truck holding onto the rack and carrying their boards. We surfed small barra rights but it was fun to get out. There is a nice couple from victoria australia that I have been hanging with all day, they remind me of my aussie friends. There is a couple from holland hanging out and a dready US girl just showed up from the jungles of belize. Her travels have sounded fun. I helped this older grongo guy that lives here, he is probably 60, set up his new ipod shuffle today. He didnt even know how to use a computer muchless have music but I got him set up and got some jefferson airplane and the likes of from rons mac (which he didn{t know how to use either). So all in all a lot of nice people, the people of mexico have been really nice. The lady who makes food on the beach wants to hook me up with una femina de barra which ricardo says is going to be interesting because they will probably really have someone that wants to marry me and move to the states. I have been talking with her to practice spanish because she doesn{t speak english and once she found out I was single, she started asking me if I liked gordas o flaucas or que te gusta (fat girls, skinny ones or what do you like) Ricardo being the clown that he is has been having a field day with all this. He makes everyone laugh, its fun. We have been getting along really good, as to be expected, he is just like a life long friend we just gel really good and have fun. Though he is obsessed with my iphone so I always have to go looking for it, he calls it his iphone. In the next day or 2 we will be driving south out of mexico and into guatemala. The aussie couple just came back from there with some great photos of cool places, though we don{t have much time so not sure how much I will actually see this time. Well we have a kitchen at our disposal and went into a nearby town to the local market for vegatables and such so I am off to cook, it is so nice to have an actual kitchen rather than cooking on the stove on the back of my truck. I did get a few, very few, pics uploaded from a wireless connection back in puerto escondido...check it out and hopefully I will have more pics up later. luego

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  1. Damn your journey sounds sick! I wish I was there, keep up the journal, its cool to hear the stories! You'll be bilingual after all this